Mir bank card from YooMoney

It works in Belarus, Russia, and other countries where Mir cards are accepted
Pay once for the whole validity period of the card
Suitable for online and offline stores
It earns you cashback in bonus points and Russian rubles

Three simple steps

Create a YooMoney wallet. If you don't have one, you only need your phone number and email adress
Activate a card on the website
Create a PIN and the card will start working

The card is ready for shopping: in Belarus and Russia

Right after you complete identification
Pay in online stores and offline: in cafes, supermarkets, and public transport.
Withdraw cash at any ATM where Mir cards are supported

Usefull information about Mir cards

Add your card to Mir Pay on Android™ with NFC support and pay using your phone in one touch
They work on smartphones
Cashback rewards or discounts up to 30% from partners of the Mir payment system. To start earning cashback, you need to sign up for loyalty program at privetmir.ru or in the "Privet!" app.
"Privet!" program
Instant cashback in bonus points
5% in categories of the month, 1% for other purchases. You need to enable cashback, so it starts working. 1 bonus point = 1 ₽
Only pay once for the wholes validity period of the card. Learn more about the pricing and limits
No monthly service fees

Add money to the balance via ERIP

In cash or via online banking. This transaction system unites banks and cash deposit outlets across Belarus: ATMs, sales registers, and payment terminals.

Important: you can add money to your YooMoney balance only if you've completed identification via Sber Bank Belarus or SberBank Online.

Unlock all the features of YooMoney

Right after you sign up, you get the anonymous user status. With this status, you can't transfer money, exceed 15,000 rubles in the account balance or purchase amount, or add money to the wallet via ERIP: these actions require identification.

Everything you need is in the app

You can use the app to make your everyday payments, transfer money between YooMoney wallets without commission, and analyze your spendings.
Unfortunately, the YooMoney app is not available in the AppStore, but you can use the mobile version of the site. How to pin a link to it on your phone's home screen:
The app is unavailable in Google Play™ but you can scan the code and install it manually. Your phone is going to download the file and ask if you'd like to install the app: confirm the action. If it doesn't work, refer to the manual.
The app is unavailable in Google Play™ but you can install it using the button below. Your phone is going to download the file and ask if you'd like to install the app: confirm the action. If it doesn't work, refer to the manual
Open the YouMoney website in the Safari browser
Click the "Share" icon at the bottom of the window
Scroll down, select "Home screen" and click "Add"
The link to the site will appear on your phone next to the apps
YooMoney is a payment service provided by "YooMoney", NBCO LLC (hereinafter referred to as the NBCO). License of the Bank of Russia No. 3510-K. YooMoney app 0+.

Information about the terms of service of YooMoney, pricing, and limits can be found in the "Legal information" section

Cashback in bonus points is provided by the NBCO in case the user has joined the promotion and the conditions of the "Cashback in categories" promotion within the YooMoney Loyalty program have been fulfilled. There are restrictions: up to 3,000 bonus points per month in case the transactions over the previous month amounted to 3,000 Russian rubles or more. The NBCO is entitled to make changes to the terms of service.

Cashback in Russian rubles from partners of the Mir payment system is provided after the user sign up for the loyalty program of "NSPK" LLC on the website or in the "Privet!" mobile app.

If money is added to a YooMoney wallet via ERIP, commission is going to be debited. Its amount and limits depend on where money was added, and information about them is provided to the user before they add money.

Android and Google Play are registered trademarks of Google LLC. iOS is a registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc., and/or its affiliated organizations in the USA or other countries.
How to install and update the YooMoney app on Android
You can download the app on our website and install it on your phone manually. It's simple and safe.

1. Download the app to your phone. If you see a warning, select "Download anyway".
2. Open the downloaded file and give permission to install the app:

On Android version 8 or newer: you'll see a warning, select Settings and allow the installation from the browser
On older Android versions: go to Settings → Security → Unknown sources and allow installing apps from external sources

Done! You got the familiar app, ready for use. You can use the same file and the same instructions to update it.